Ruyi's Reader Review Raffle: A chance to win an otome visual novel set!


For some of you, it's already here. For others, it's coming up after midnight today. Whatever the case, it's time for a special event: Ruyi's Reader Review Raffle! From now until the end of February, readers who leave reviews on any of my qualifying translation projects will have the chance to enter a raffle! The prize? A free Steam key to an otome visual novel set in ancient China: My Vow to My Liege!

You can scroll to the end for raffle instructions, or read out to find out what you're getting yourself into first. ;)


My Vow to My Liege is set in the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history (apprx 771~476BCE) and features historical characters such as Gou Jian, Fu Chai, and Xi Shi. What's the twist?

In this game you play as the younger sister to Fu Chai who's forced to disguise herself as her dead brother and rule over the kingdom while fighting against a terrible curse. Along the way, protect your people and find true love in a sea of potential allies, enemies, and traitors. If you'd like to find out more, check out the Steam link for the game!

FuChai, the protagonist.

The game is fully translated and completely voiced, down to the side characters and minor NPCs. I've played it myself and loved it to bits, so I thought I'd share the joy with my Chinese webnovel fans. You'll not only learn cool tidbits of Chinese history along the way but probably cry and fall in love with all of the male leads too. Still interested? Then read on!


To join in the raffle, all you have to do is leave a review on Novelupdates for any of the qualifying series below. It does not have to be long, but it should reflect your honest and sincere views about the story:

IMPORTANT: You do not need to give a star rating to these novels, nor do you have to praise them! If you disliked a story, be honest! I promise I won't get mad and you'll be helping out your fellow readers at the same time. :D 

Each review will count as one (1) entry in the free game raffle, so you can have up to 4 entries if you review all four novels! THE RAFFLE

After writing your review, submit proof of your hard work via our R4 GoogleForms! You can click the "Permalink" button next to your Novelupdates entry to link it directly. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include contact information when you submit your review. If I cannot reach you to award you your prize, it will have to go to someone else!

If you've already written a review, congratulations! You can just link that without having to write one from scratch. And if you still have any questions, leave a comment below or contact me on Twitter, Curious Cat, or volare Discord so I can answer them directly.


Once all the entries are in, I will go to to pick a winner via the Random Number Generator. However!

If your review was especially thoughtful, thorough, or detailed, you have a chance of qualifying for a special Translator's Favorite and being hand-picked as a winner by yours truly. ;)

Depending on the number of reader responses, there will be 1 to 3 raffle winners and 1 Translator's Favorite winner. 


  1. Write (or link) your review(s) for FDFH, PGC, UPX, and/or HWR before the end of February
  2. Submit proof of your reviews via the R4 GoogleForms
  3. Wait and hope
  4. Profit (?)

Looking forward to your entries! Until next time, have a great 2021!

~ Ruyi