PNC Finale, BPC Giveaway, and more!

Hey readers!

Physician, Not A Consort has recently ended! It's definitely a wild, frustrating, and addictive novel. If you haven't read it yet, do give it a try! You can binge it all at once. :)

Secondly, BPC wishes everyone a roaring Year of the Tiger! In celebration, Choufleur is holding a Discord Nitro giveaway for one lucky winner (or bonus chapter dedicated to the winner if you'd rather have that). From Feb 1st to Feb 14th, write a review and add BPC to your reading/recommendation list on Novelupdates to enter the giveaway. Winners will be announced by the 20th via dm on NU. We look forward to hearing from y'all!

Check out the super gorgeous banner Yuuko has made for BPC! Check out Bone Painting Coroner if you haven't already! It's so good! Put on your detective hat and see if you are pro or not.   

In addition to this amazing banner, Yuuko also made another GRACE TIME cover for me!!!   

My latest Grace Time post is about how people may feel left behind.   

"Seeing all my friends move on with their lives… getting married, buying homes, having kids, getting promotions… I just feel like I’m not going anywhere. You know? I know we shouldn’t compare, but I can’t help it." 

Check it out here. Do comment if you enjoy my posts! I read every comment :) 


Next, CTF is releasing DAILY chapters this month!! Read Consort of a Thousand Faces if you haven't already done so! If you like a rebirth/reincarnation novel with some tweaks to it, this is the novel for you! Unlike most other rebirth novels where the MC travels back in time and thus possesses knowledge of the future, this MC reincarnated in another body in the SAME timeline, albeit one of extremely low status. So how does she deal with this and get her revenge? 


Last but not least, Jimmi has returned! If you're a ROTH fan, rejoice! If you're not, it's not too late to join! Read Reign of the Hunters now! Jimmi aims to finish ROTH this month!

Hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful year!