PA concludes and volare's youtube channel!

Hey everyone!

For those of you who haven't read Phoenix Ascending yet, it is time to BINGE because it is completed!!!!!!! No more cliff hangers! The high quality translations are done by etvo and houseau3! (If you want to read more of etvo's work, check out Return of the Swallow) If you have already read PA, tell us what you think of it!

Look at this gorgeous cover Yuuko made for us!   

Here is the synopsis:

The heavens and earth change when the blood phoenix descends.

She is the chosen one of the blood phoenix, and she shoulders the blood debt of the entire royal clan. She renounces her fair facade with resolution and enthralls the world whilst clad in white, bestirring nations and dynasties with the flip of a hand.

He is an invincible war god and never shows mercy in his slaughter. His frozen heart is disturbed by her alone, and his tenderness reserved only for her.

Do we work together with one heart, or walk the separate paths of strangers? Do we clash against each other with weapons instead…

In this vast world, I compose music only with you, to astound eras to come. 


Next, did you guys know that we have a youtube channel?!?! We actually made one last year but we haven't been very active on it. However, the goal is to create more engaging content for our readers and viewers! 

We are currently in the experimental phase. Our incredible Rakumon has created this MV for Killer Nights! Please check it out and let us know what you think! 

What type of content would you want to see? Would you be more likely to check out a novel if you saw a slideshow like the one above? Please comment and let us know! 

Lastly, volare has a fb fanpage, instagram, as well as twitter. Be sure to follow us on our social media!