Over 200,000+ comments restored from Disqus

Dear readers, 

I have AMAZING news. A hardcore, relentless, obsessed reader of ours emailed us a few months ago offering to restore ALL the comments from the old site. This means, the comments that were posted on disqus from 2-5 years ago are now viewable!!

As a software engineer, she wrote multiple emails trying to convince us it was worth the trouble. I quote, “Re-reading the novels with comments will certainly be an enjoyable experience. Especially for new users... who had not read the previous comments.

I am just an avid reader who wants to obsessively restore around 234,000 comments posted by other readers on volare. Even if each and every one of those comments is just a simple "Thank you translator", I still want to restore them.

It wasn’t that we did not want to restore the comments, but it was soooooooo much work. However, this insane reader was persistent and ended up spending weeks mapping all the old url to the new ones. 

We are incredibly lucky to have someone who loves our novels so much. 

Now, it is time for you guys to BINGE READ EVERYTHING!!! Go back and reread some of your favourite novels and check out the comment section below!!!! Comment to let us know how much you love the novels!! 

Keep in mind a chapter that may take you only a few minutes to read typically takes a few hours to translate. Not to mention, editors also put in tremendous effort to give you the quality that you see. 

So if you love and appreciate us, please turn off adblock, follow us on our social media, tell others about us, and comment!! We shall continue providing you guys with free high quality translations. 

We love you! 

And once again, thank you to THE CRAZIEST READER I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. We are forever grateful for your dedication, support and efforts.