Interviewing the FOG team!

Hey readers!

Today, I have interviewed our highly popular novel, FIELDS OF GOLD!! (Wouldn’t it be nice to see a field of gold? :P) 

Anyhow, here are the questions: 

What do you like the most and the least about translating?

What do you spend most of your time doing when you are not translating?

If you can transmigrate into a novel to become one of the characters, which novel, who, and why?

If you had a clone, what would you have the clone do?


Featuring Myst

1. I like that it can help me improve my Chinese reading skills and I’m also learning a lot from all the researching. However, it’s very time consuming and really takes a lot of commitment. 

2. I usually spend my free time reading novels, watching dramas, and sleeping. 

3. I want to be the emperor emeritus in Fields of Gold because I want to be able to travel around and eat delicious food (Xiaocao’s cooking!!!).

4. If I had a clone, I would have her help me with the translations so that I can be a lazy bum while she does all the work. XD


Featuring Sanguine

1. My favorite part about translating is that I get to help to bring a new story to a wider audience. I personally love reading and I hope that, by translating, more people will be able to enjoy the stories that I’ve enjoyed and get some sparks of joy in the sometimes dim sadness of reality. Also, on a more selfish note, translating is a great way for me to practice and get better at Chinese. Chinese is technically my first language but after spending almost my whole life in the States, my English is definitely way better haha! 

Least favorite part...when the author forgets the names she uses for some of her minor characters! The FOG team has a spreadsheet glossary because there are so many names and terms that come up and it’s frustrating when she uses one name fifty chapters ago and then uses another for the same character later on! Like what am I supposed to do, haha? I also can’t alter the sometimes there are parts that make me personally cringe but I have to convey it. I also spend a lot of time on the computer for my regular day job so I feel like I’m going to get carpal tunnel someday from all of this typing...some days I have to take a break because I can feel my wrist complaining >_<


2. I have a day job, as I mentioned earlier, so I work M-F 8:00-5pm (very occasionally weekends/holidays). Besides work, I read other webnovels, haha. I read the translated versions if they’re available because I’m lazy and I read way faster in English. I’m also annoying in that I read ahead of the translated versions because I need to know what happens next (except Korean webnovels...I can’t read Korean, boo-hoo, so I have to practice the Dao of Patience). I also read regular novels, but most of my favorite print authors haven’t come out with new ones recently. I love watching variety shows. Current ones I watch are Running Man (I’m up to date on that one) and My Little Old Boy (not up to date but going through the episodes). If anyone has any variety shows in Chinese that you love, let me know! I need to get up to date on my slang, haha! Oh, and I’ve been looking up baby stuff a lot recently because my husband and I are expecting our first kid at the end of August! 


3. This is a tough one. I don’t have any practical skills that would help me survive/dominate in an ancient setting - I suck at poetry, I have no head for scheming, I have no martial arts skills to defend myself, I know some medicine but it’s all modern medicine aka useless in that setting. I guess I’d choose Fields of Gold and I’d transmigrate into either Yuan Xueyan or He Wanning. Both have good family backgrounds, are the beloved daughters of their family (so I won’t get bullied easily by annoying noble young misses) and not much scheming in their households. Basically, I want an easy-going life, haha.


4. Be my personal secretary! I’d dictate and she’d type, haha! Is that too boring?


Featuring Vera

1. What I like the most: Getting paid. Okay, no, but seriously, who doesn't? :laughing: I like that feeling I get--pure joy--when someone tells me that they love what I've done--what I'm doing.

What I dislike: The descriptive paragraphs. Hands down. They're a horror to translate.

2. What I do when I'm not translating: More reading, listening to music, playing games, contemplating life choices...

3. If I could transmigrate into a novel...I'd probably choose to be a never-mentioned maidservant to Aelin from the Throne of Glass series. Why? Because Aelin is bae. I'd love to be around her every day~

4. If I had a clone, I'd make her do the translations so I could laze around all day. Or maybe we'd do translations together? So we could translate twice the amount of chapters I'm doing right now? Double the work force, double the productivity, right? Or at least, that's what it sounds like. It's like four arms, but two...brains? Technically still four arms...


Featuring Vi

1. I like translating because it gives me joy reading something I translated. I dislike translating when the author uses too many words that I’ve never heard of.

2. I spend most of my time sleeping and watching Chinese dramas when I’m not translating.

3. I want to transmigrate into the novel Demon Wang’s Favorite Fei. I want to transmigrate into that novel as Murong Qi Qi. She is strong, beautiful, smart, and most important of all, she has a doting husband. 

4. If I have a clone, I will make my clone attend my classes for me. 


Featuring Elaine

1. What I enjoy most out of translating is that it’s letting someone else know that there’s another world of literature out there that is available. It also gives me excitement each time I translate a new chapter because I see the protagonist’s growth and the movement of the plot.

What I dislike about translating is how descriptive a text can get.

2. When I’m not translating, I enjoy playing games on my switch, developing what artistic skills I have, and finding new books to read. Although, the majority of the time is actually spent on studying or working.

3. If I could transmigrate into a character it would be 范若若 from Joy of Life, because 1) she has a good ending 2) is part of the main plot and 3) the way she was portrayed in the tv series left a deep impression on me. 

4. If I had a clone, I would probably let the clone travel the world and tell me about it.


Hope you enjoyed the interviews!! I love Sanguine's long responses! AHAHA. But everyone else is great as well. :) :) If you haven't already done so, check out the novel here!

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