Interviewing Choco Lily: The author of Voltaire Dynasty

Dear readers, 

Happy Lunar New Year! The Year of the Rabbit! Do we have any bunnies in the house?   I hope you’re all having a safe and productive 2023! Today, I have interviewed Choco Lily! Choco Lily has been reading on our site for years! I recalled six years ago, she wanted to write a novel about us, and asked if I could be part of her story.

I, of course, said yes! I ended up getting a pervy role, but I quite like it. Hehe. It’s called beauty appreciation! *flips hair*

Here is a snippet:

If you’re interested, read it here*wink wink* 

Without further ado, here is the interview!

1. How did you discover volarenovels?

I first discovered Volare using the Novelupdates site, chasing after a Chinese transmigrated novel. After that, I stayed for other novels in Volare, and got roped into their discord site. Discord allowed me to make friends with translators, editors and other fellow readers with the same hobby!


2. What inspired you to create Voltaire Dynasty?

This… starts from a joke? With a little… okay, I admit, a lot of teasing on a Volare translator 'Rozenbach'. He's the main character in Voltaire Dynasty, and I added characters named after other Volare translators, editors and readers. No worries, permission is asked and given! It's a work of fiction; similarities with the real world are just coincidences. 

None of the named translators or readers is the same as their similarly named characters who are either beauty appreciators, enthusiastic matchmakers, or a cross-dressing beauty!


3. What are your favourite novels on volare? Name your top 3!

The first is definitely ‘Doomed to be Cannon Fodder’! It’s a fun and sweet story! 

The Second is ‘Supernatural Girlfriend’! Readers that are afraid of ghosts like me, don’t worry, it’s not scary. (Grace: I am the translator! I agree! People, give it a try! It’s really cute!! #notbiased)

The third is ‘Poison Genius Consort’! Read this to see how the iceberg male lead melts for the MC! (Grace: Ruyi has finished it a few months ago! No more waiting!! Binge time!)


4. If you could go back in time and be any character, who would you be? (this can be a real life person or one of the characters from a novel, but explain why)

I just want to be myself haha. Just like how the main characters in time travel novels, I can start doing things I liked earlier, avoid bad habits that revealed their effect on my health at an older age, and treat people I love better. I'm more comfortable in my own body and my own family… but face-slapping some shrew or cruel characters in novels does sound awesome. But I won't choose that, because I'm not smart enough to protect myself! Like, why would I exchange my already good life that many could not have just for a short period of winning arguments for people that isn’t me?

Sorry pitiful characters, but you all are just fictional characters self-hypnotise.


5. Is there a book you can read over and over again without you getting tired of it?

I did read a few novels more than once before, but it's always after a period of time before I go back to savour the book again. One of them is ‘To be a virtuous wife’ by Butterfly's Shadow Beneath the Moon. Hmm, I think I will re-read it again soon.


6. What motivates you to write?

My imagination and readers. Without imagination, I won't even be able to lift a pen and start writing. Without readers, my interest in writing will start decreasing. Both of them are essential to me, and I hope I will never experience the loss of any of them. Aside from these two, my hobby of reading fictional stories inspired me to write my own story… when I dislike how the author wrote their story. But then, it’s not like my version is any better either. The characters just like to do their own things without consideration of me, their creator!


7. If readers want to follow you, where can they go?

You can find me on a few channels! My main sites are Wattpad and Patreon, while Scribblehub, Royalroad and Instagram are my least frequented sites! Just search for ‘Choco Lily’ and most likely you will find my profile on the first try. If you have time, go check out my other works~


Thank you for your fantastic responses, Choco Lily! We love your story, and we hope that the readers will also give it a try if they haven’t already! Most of the translators mentioned in Voltaire Dynasty have already retired from translating or have finished their novels. However, please do continue to support us by turning off adblock, commenting, and reading our novels on our site! We appreciate all of you! 

Take care, and don’t forget to check out Choco Lily’s other works!