How to use the new site

Hey everyone! 

Our new site has launched but we are experiencing a lot of technical difficulties. Please be patient while we try to get things running. 


1. How come I can't log in? 

If you were using a WORDPRESS account from before, you will need to reset your password. Look at the upper right hand corner and find this button. Then click on it. 

Click here to reset your password. Click here to create a new account. 

Note: Your Disqus account/password will not work for this site. You have to create a different account if you want to comment.

2. How do I change my profile pic or password? 

To change your profile pic or your current password, click on “My settings”.

3. How do I see the notifications? 

Click on the flag. Notifications show new chapter releases and comment replies. 

4. How do I view my bookmarks? 

If you are logged in, you will see an auto bookmarking system. If you view a chapter, it is automatically bookmarked.

There is also the option of a manual bookmark. At the end of the chapter page, click on the bookmark button to add to manual bookmarks.

Sun is light mode. Moon is dark mode. + and – are for font sizes for chapter pages. The ^ arrow will take you to the top of the page.

5. How come I see black texts when I try to use dark mode? 

Most of the translators are used to copying and pasting directly from google doc. Unfortunately, now we have to clear all our formats or else everything turns out black. Hopefully we can fix this going forward. 

6. How can I search for the novel I want? 

Click here to search for novels

7. How can I find the table of contents? 

Scroll down and click on Table of Contents. You should see it. Unfortunately, some of the chapters may be out of order due to the transition.

8. How come some novels I was reading are no longer visible? 

Some are hidden if they are no longer active. You can look them up via novelupdates.

9. How can I read advance chapters? 

How to read advance chapters on volare

Note: All old links are dead. So if you are still using the old volare links, you won't be able to view the content.