Happy Lunar New Year! We have 4 surprises for you!

To our wonderful readers,

Surprise #1: Destroyer of Ice and Fire has resumed! Reiji, our new hardcore translator, has taken over from where Knok Knok left off at 378! 

Synopsis: As the era of dragons gradually came to an end and countless riches and legends were left behind by arcane masters under a waning starry sky, several awakened youngsters begin on their respective, but interconnected journeys. 

This is a light-hearted story set in a western setting with containing magical academies, warm friendships, fierce rivalries, hot-blooded youth, unique comedy, and the most handsome character of all. 

From the translator: Destroyer of Ice and Fire is the type of novel where the MC team is always invincible. If you prefer to see the MC team winning and overcoming predicament, this would be a good pick. A warning though, there is no harem and little romance in the novel, so don’t go expecting the MC to conquer all the girls along the way. There is a wide array of skill names, so enjoy the galore. (I think I’m losing my hair, or is it my imagination? XD)

Starting with 5 chapters today, DIF will be releasing in batches for the next several days! Enjoy!

Surprise #2: Ruyi will be releasing 22 chapters today! That’s right! Where are my PGC readers at? Thanks for those who participated in the quiz last month! The chapters are late, but better late than never, right? ;) 

Not only are there over a thousand chapters translated, Poison Genius Consort has been adapted to a drama series called Legend of Yunxi. Do you prefer reading or watching? Let us know in the comments below! 

Surprise #3: Return of the Swallow is hosting a mini event! Respond with your favourite ROS moment for a chance to win some awesome CNY cheer! For more info, check out Etvo’s tweet here! Don’t forget to show Etvo some love by following her social media! <3   

Surprise #4: We have two bonus chapters for BPC! Readers, Bone Painting Coroner is extremely addictive. The author really knows how to put the readers on edge. Join Choufleur and her team to see if you can solve the cases on your own! 

Finally, for those who celebrate, we wish you a terrific year of the rat! May you all have a healthy and prosperous year! 恭喜发财!身体健康!万事如意! 

P.S. Please note that translators are from different time zones. Those living in Asia may have to wait a few more hours for the chapters! It is still the 24th for some of us in North America. ;)