Get to know your translators + how to effectively learn Chinese!

Congratulations to STILL, WAIT FOR ME for hitting its 600th chapter + RED PACKET SERVER for hitting its 1000th chapter! Hip hip horray!!! 

To make the announcement more interesting, I’ve decided to interview our wonderful translators so you guys can get to know them on a more personal level! Hehe. 

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Featuring Eud, the translator of SWFM

What type of novels do you like to read? Why? 

First... I'm okay with both male and female mcs and most genres. I mostly don't like blatantly op mcs and mcs with straight up terrible personalities who just do whatever they want. The story feels more boring than epic that way. As long as there're likeable characters you can root for (maybe even relate to in some way, even better). It's great even if it's formulaic, you'll be hooked anyway!


What type of MCs would you like to date?

Oh. Um...someone who's naturally cheerful with a sort of 'wisdomxsimplicity', being not so materialistic...has interests/hobbies and has a lot of fun with life? Something like Xiang Ning from SWFM, yes.


Tell us a little bit about you or your special talent other than being a translator

Um, I'm a person who lacks stimulation and easily feels bored. I'm looking forward to some VRMMOs like Zenith. The truth is that I'd like to have stuff that captures my interest more. Something that I find fun is acting. I like being immersed in a role -it feels like there is breath in my life (I know nothing about cosplay) as opposed to dead mundane normality. People have been impressed before and I'm just assuming it's true. Courses/modules are all over though.


How many languages do you speak/know? Can you provide some tips?

English, grew up reading. Chinese, mostly comprehension rather than speaking because I did so many 'full clears' of web novels. Can understand a bit of dialect but not confident. Went on exchange to Japan last semester and took an Elementary II course. Speaking shot up from zero to something during my stay there though listening is weak. Hopefully trying for N2 in December. 

Tips: I saw a movie, bought the book, started reading about 5 pages of a Jp novel everyday recently. Basically I try to recognise more words and increase my vocabulary everyday. After seeing the same word/phrase a couple of times, it tends to stick


Featuring Seth, the translator of RPS

What type of novels do you like to read? Why? 

I love to read so much that it can sometimes be a problem. My parents actually once called the doctor on me because I was reading too much and it worried them. I have diverse tastes, but lately I’ve mostly been listening to the Chinese Audiobook versions of stuff like “Battle Through the Heavens” and “Soul Land” and reading manga.


What type of MCs would you like to date?

Well....... for the most part, the MCs of the (Chinese) novels I read are not my type. Ye Zichen, for instance, is both heterosexual and male. I’d theoretically consider dating a guy if we both liked each other, but I confess that it would be weird to be the only guy in an otherwise all-female harem. That does sounds like a BL novel waiting to happen, though. Get cracking, ladies. 

All jokes aside, the things that draw me most to someone are passion and curiosity. If you’re just asking about looks, I have a bit of a thing for girls with short hair.


Tell us a little bit about you or your special talent other than being a translator

I’m a decent cook and secretly love to entertain. I’m also pretty serious about drawing. I’m really interested in caricature and distortion and do a lot of unflattering self-portraits. (Shameless plus alert) If you’re interested in lovingly rendered neck-wrinkles, you can check out some my art on Instagram 


How many languages do you speak/know? Can you provide some tips?

I’m a native English speaker, but I can also read and speak Chinese reasonably well and get by in Japanese, albeit ungracefully. I also know a bit of Hungarian and Latin. The best advice I can give aspiring language learners is this: take advantage of the internet and all it has to offer you. It’s made learning a new language easier and more fun than ever before if you use it properly.


Wasn’t this super interesting and entertaining? HAHA. I am very pleased by their responses and hope you all have a better idea of the translators behind the screen. Do check out Still, Wait for Me + Red Packet Server if you haven’t already done so!! 

Last but not least, if you are serious about learning Mandarin, I highly recommend you to check out This website offers many great tips on how to effectively improve your Chinese skills. Check out their free blog posts and consider taking some online courses to expand your knowledge. 

Remember, it is never too late to learn. 

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