Food Girls, available now on steam!

Hey readers!

One of our work is now available on steam! It’s called Food Girls aka You can eat the girl (LOLOLOLOLOL) 

For a limited time (until August 31st), there is a special discount available! 

Basically, you're a consultant that's assigned to a failing food street to help revitalize it. There are three main stores that you're supposed to help out with and they're all managed by cute girls. 

Although the quality of their food is high, sales are terrible. Why are they struggling to attract customers? 

You are presented with various options on how you want to go about advancing the story, and at the end of every month you go through an evaluation. If you can't pass the evaluation, you fail the game.

Do you think you have what it takes to save the local snack street? Find out by clicking here to download the game!

Note: Be sure to go to the configuration menu to change the language option to English! 

P.S. Please let us know what you think of the game! Any feedback is appreciated! =D! Congratulations and great job to the volare team GZ, purpledragon, Sigil, Selutu + Cloud from Chaleuria! <3 

If you want to try and win a code, click here