Announcing DCF winners and more!

Thank you to those who have participated in the DCF giveaway and congratulations to the winners! If you have been chosen by the marketing team, please contact us by sending a message via one of our social media platforms to confirm your identity & tell us the volume you wish to own! 

For those who didn’t win, don’t be sad! There will be other opportunities in the future.   

With over a dozen active novels on our site, we are here to accompany you during this difficult time! Stay safe, stay inside, and read more novels!  

Novels that are releasing DAILY for the month of April  

Consort of a Thousand Faces 

Fields of Gold 

Poison Genius Consort 

Red Packet Server 

Still, Wait for Me 

Novels that are releasing MORE THAN DAILY  

Adorable Creature Attacks 

God of Illusions 

Novels that are releasing TWO CHAPTERS DAILY  

Destroyer of Ice and Fire 

Rebirth of a Fashionista 

Novels that do not release daily BUT are super high quality & must read!  

Bone Painting Coroner 

Divine Throne of Primordial Blood 

Reign of the Hunters 

Return of the Swallow


Last but not least, we also have an announcement from our original author, Weirdwhirl!

I'm super pumped to announce three things. First, new book!

The Dao of Magic: Book 5 is out now!


Impossible object to solve. Kidnapping dragons. Rebuilding a civilization. Punching a moon.

His students scattered to the four corners of the planet, Drew finally has some time to do maintenance on his own little world. The first thing he does, of course, is to get all the dragons drunk and then kidnap them. Letting them simmer in a bootcamp of draconic design in order to teach the millenia old reptiles discipline and new tricks is sure to work.

His students continue their duty of protecting their corners. They spend their time living as queens, being surrounded by a rather fuzzy harem, ruling with iron fists, or being loved by all.

People do keep finding these mysterious super heavy items, and they don’t seem to belong in this plane of existence. Also, there is the small problem of the mind controlling moon. And his draconic lover just so happens to be in danger - again.


The Audiobook for Book 4 is also out! Audiobook -


Book 1 and 2 are on sale for $.99 cents, and 100% of those proceedings will go to COVID-19 related charities. There's a massive group of fellow authors that are doing the same. Read more here:

Thank you, all! Have a great Easter Sunday!